Filteration Media


DOE/Code-7 Type Filters

Nova-Tech Filters Stainless Steel sintered powder filter cartridges are recommended for the filtration of air or liquid at higher operating temperatures & corrosive environment. Sintered S.S. cartridges are produced by cold isocratic pressing, which gives high porosity to the material and also stability. They can easily be cleaned or back washed thus having a longer shelf life. Sintered filters are able to withstand high differential pressure across the filters.


P.P/Nylon Bag Filters

Nova-Tech Filters Polypropylene filters bags which have their outside surface glazed to prevent fabric fibre from getting into the clear, filtered process media. It has depth filtration and solid retention capacity as well. They are available with both metal & plastic sealing rings. Filter bags are available in different sizes and micron ratings.


Dust Collector Bags

Nova-Tech Filters Dust Collector Filter Bags form the heart of a Dust Collector or a Bag House. They arrest the dust particles in the input air and allow the purified air to pass through.

We make Tailor-made filter bag offer process safety in your dust collector. We provide ready-to-install filter media in a variety of different sizes, lengths and shapes. They are available in various top and bottom versions, with welded and stitched seams. The range includes Filter bags, Filter pockets, Pleated filter elements, Filter cloths, and Cartridge filters.


Filter Cages

Nova-Tech Filters provides filter bag cages from its state of a manufacturing facility. Cages are produced using automatic welding machines. Filter cage has transparent corrosion resistance surface coating. It has rigid non-leaking metal and rubber gasket on the diaphragm. For Faster and reliable movement it has a magnetic head on the diaphragm.

Nova-Tech Filters cage is characteristic with their final finishing, ensuring smooth surface with sharp edges.


Air Filters

Nova-Tech Filters delivers a wide range of air filters which are used in various compressors, D.G. sets, vacuum pumps, automobile industries and other industrial machinery. Filters are available with us customized specifications as well and as per the requirements of our clients. We also conduct stringent quality tests on them, to ensure zero defects in their functionality. Our pre, fine and HEPA air filters have gained huge appreciation in the market due to quality features. Air filters are manufactured using premium grade materials to maintain quality standards.


Paper Filters

Nova-Tech Filters delivers glass microfiber filters which are manufactured by borosilicate glass. We maintain quality so we use 100% pure borosilicate glass.

It has wide application in analyzing wastewater, testing of soils, air pollution monitoring etc. It is found in the filtration of hot gases and liquids. The filter has chemical and thermal resistance up to 500 Celsius with long shelf life.


Pleated Filters

Nova-Tech Filters delivers PTFE filters which are strongly resistant to acid, bases and solvents. It has temperature-resistant up to 260 Celsius.

PTFE filters are the versatile choice for size-selective samplers. The material’s unique properties make it ideal for gravimetric, chemical, and/or microscopic analysis of sample particulate. PTFE filters are used for aerosol sampling, air venting and gas filtration. Note that the back pressure on PTFE filters can vary within the same lot.